Welcome back to my Monaco “Where To Go” guide during this years Grand Prix, some helpful tips as well as THE places to see and be seen….


2nd GP Hotspot: TWIGA

Probably the most anticipated event of this racing Season as the Summer kicks off with a brand new club opening by none other than Flavio Briatore himself. Make no mistake this is the Grand Prix and things are about to get pricey but this is after all the Principality of Monaco in the height of the event Season but for those of you wanting to spend the Summer months down here there is a twist. After the Monaco Grand Prix although Twiga will remain exclusive the prices will become very competitive, with prices far lower than Billionaire club making it affordable for most!

Twiga is opening tonight and will play host to some great GP parties this weekend, not to be missed, located where “Life” nightclub used to be. This new hotspot complete with bamboo, hammocks and African jungle feel provides its exclusive clientele with a water-front lounge, Shisha bar, restaurant and nightclub, naturally there are only a few tables left!



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The Monaco Grand Prix can be a time of grand excitement and an overall fun and unforgettable experience but it can also be a total nightmare and turn into a complete circus if you have not planned ahead. I thought I would start this years Grand Prix off with some fun new hotspots in town to try out and (for all you locals) that you might not yet know about!

1st GP Hotspot: Pressé Juice Bar Monaco

Exclusively open for the Monaco Grand Prix, a fresh juice bar and so much more… Preparing fresh juices daily and to our delight also our favourite cocktail blends to make everyone’s GP experience that bit more interesting, (because whats a proper Grand Prix experience without some shots!) ;)

Juice is also a healthy alternative to what you will be sold in other bars and stands during the Grand Prix. Nearly every health condition responds well to appropriate fruit and vegetable juices. A fresh juice is a great way to start the day and optimize your health. Fruit juices taste good, are nutritious and can be beneficial for your health because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – natural bioactive compounds that work with other plant nutrients and dietary fiber. So I will be spending a lot of time at the Pressé bar that’s a certainty!

Presse - Render 3 The Pressé guys have chosen the ideal location of their bar in the Place d’Armes Square, the centre of all of the action and just moments away from the starting grid.


Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@PresseMonaco) for live updates during the races. If you #Hashtag your Instagram pics #PRESSEMONACO they may even share your pics on their page!PRESSE MAP

Now for all of my local readers that read my articles in detail I have a little thank you surprise to share, Pressé have agreed to 1 free shot per reader, all you have to do is show that you follow me on Instagram (@sophieinmonaco) et Voilà!

Stayed tuned for Part 2 of  Monaco GP: Where To Go

Yesterday evening Louis Vuitton presented their first Cruise Collection in none other than here in Monaco. The looks were presented by Women’s Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière in front of our Royals, some celebrities and popular fashion bloggers…

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The Cannes Film Festival kicks off today with a BANG! 2 weeks jam packed full of film screenings, red carpets, celebrities and soirees…

Every year the issues of transport loom ahead as Cannes parking becomes practically inaccessible but this year I have a treat for all of you! UBER will be in Cannes exclusively for the Film Festival this year and have kindly issued me with a promo code worth €25 for my lucky readers!


Download the UBER app now ( Apple / Android ) and sign up free for direct access to their taxi service. The app is really awesome with their realtime black cab tracking and instant fare quotes, I know my Cannes FF experience is going to be so much breezier this year and I hope yours will be too :)

Right now I am off to my dressing room to pick out an outfit for tonight’s first Film Festival event!


Let me know about your experiences with UBER and what events I might see you at this year in Cannes in the comment section (comment section)

As you saw I was in Cannes last week and although I was roaming about the beach and hanging by the pool it was really not warm enough to be doing so… Yesterday however was a different story and I could finally open one of the two special boxes which had been calling at me longingly for the last couple of weeks, so naturally, I obliged!

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