It’s Tuesday and I hope you are all having a productive start to the week, I know I am! The few days off I get a week I like to get everything organised, this is the key to being motivated and getting things done throughout the rest of the week. My wardrobe is always in need of a spruce after the days trying to plan outfits for work, my mind is never clear if my wardrobe is unorganised so this is always an essential first step to my week. Once thats done its filtering and responding to all necessary blog emails and writing a to do list for that week.

Something I have learned recently is in order to stay on top of things and not get swamped with too many things at once (lets be honest we’ve all been there) is to keep my calendar open on my computer all the time. That way you can jot everything down and before bed you know exactly what’s to be expected and can mentally prepare for the next day.

Once in a while its good to treat yourself so after a fantastically busy Summer I did just that! I found these drop dead gorgeous sheer booties and HAD to have them…

Sheer Boots NastyGal Sophie In Monaco

(Bought Here)


I also found out about the CEO of NastyGal’s new must read, #GIRLBOSS, I am halfway into it and finding it hard to put down, its witty, funny and extremely honest. Sophia writes about her life, how she started from nothing and became hugely successful. (Buy #GIRLBOSS Here)

GirlBoss NastyGal Sophia Amoruso Sophie In Monaco Fashion Blog NotThatKindOfGirl Lena Dunham

As you can see I also bought Lena Dunhan’s new book and although I haven’t started it yet if it’s anything like her I know it will be amazing… (Bought here)


Have a Great Day!

The last 5 months have wreaked havoc on my skin, with a nocturnal schedule that required wearing evening makeup 6 nights a week my face was seriously dehydrated and in need of some serious TLC. On my day off I would cleanse my face and constantly reapply moisturisers to no avail. Even my eyelids were becoming irritated and swollen…

After some research online and advice from a local Sephora assistant I was tempted by “Sampar’s” skin care range and took home 3 of their products to try and regenerate my skin. The effects were astounding and my skin is so much more hydrated than just a week ago. My under eyes are looking lighter and fuller and my eyelids drastically improved. I am certain in a few days my skin will be looking better than before as I am already so impressed with the last days results.

The midnight mask is my favourite, for someone who is on the go and gets back late and sleepy, the last thing I want to do is go through a long routine of makeup removal and reapplication of products before bed, this mask is applied on a cleansed face and simply left on while you sleep!

Considering the price I am very happy to not be disappointed, I don’t usually invest a lot of money on skincare products as I am always tempted by the makeup isles but boy am I happy I did! The only problem now is being tempted by the rest of their skincare range, I suspect soon my bathroom products to be replaced by a sea of Sampar! ;)


The products I bought:

- Equalizing Foam Peel

- The Impossible C-Rum

- So Much To Dew Midnight Mask


Are there any products you have been surprised by their effects? I would love to hear about them in the comments section!


Oct 07


After a wonderful Summer I am finally back, as some of you may have guessed I spent the Summer working for Flavio Briatore’s new “It Place” Twiga. Located on the sea front, this venue boasted a full Italian/Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, seaside terrace, shisha bar, lounge, nightclub and Karaoke club. After opening during the Grand Prix this year, it captured the interest of all locals and tourists alike which kept us on our toes pretty much all night and all Season! I am not going to lie my body has been through quite the ordeal with the working hours, lack of sleep, muscle ache and excitement of it all.It has been such an experience my I have to admit having some downtime has been such a luxury, just sitting at home and watching tele has been amazing. While I will continue to work at Twiga this Winter I will have lots of time to update the blog which I am really excited about!

Here’s a quick recap of my Summer:

Sophie Kirby Twiga Monaco 2 Sophie Kirby Twiga Monaco sophieinmonacotwiga


I am so happy just to be at home this evening, no where to go, no one to see, just me and my rescue cat “Fatty” with a movie in bed ;)

Bonjour à tous! I am excited to announce that you can find out about my favourite places to shop locally in this month’s Elle France magazine!

The magazine is available in both regular A4 and also miniature size (perfect to carry around in your beach-bag this Summer ;) )

Elle France Sophie In Monaco Magazineelle 18 juillet412



I hope you are all enjoying the Summer holidays, I have been hard at work so posts will not be as regular but I promise to be back soon, Bonne Vacances!

Today is June 21st which means that it is exactly 3 years ago that I joined the virtual blogosphere, back then it was simply as a creative outlet, to share my photos and updates with friends and family. Little did I know I would still be blogging 3 whole years later! Despite not always having the time between work and other hobbies it has been so much fun and I am so excited for the future of the blog and all the opportunities it has brought as it keeps growing day by day. When I first started I didn’t expect it to be a long term thing and today I can look back on the last 3 years of my life as a sort of personal diary that I can keep forever. I have to add a little personal thank you to all of my readers and supporters who have made this experience one I will never forget and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

And queue the last 3 years in photos:

Sophie In Monaco Birthday Blogsophieinmonacofashionblogsophieinmonacofashionblog3


I would love to know about you guys, where are you from? when did you start reading my blog? What are your favourite things to read about?